Our Philosophy

Beauty Hills stands for trust, reliability and products of the highest quality – that’s what our cosmetic partners and customers feel every day.

Philosophie Seren

Effective Care

Beauty Hills stands for modern active ingredient cosmetics: cosmetics that work with the skin, provide them with the nourishment that they need and improve the overall appearance of the skin. Our treatment concepts are specially adapted to our product range so that skincare in the salon harmonises perfectly with products used in the home.

Highest Quality Ingredients

In order to ensure a high quality standard for our products, the beauty cosmetics system of Beauty Hills is mainly produced in the USA and Germany. All products are paraben-free and paraffin-free. What’s more, no animal experimentation is used in the production of our ingredients.


Effective Synergy

The beauty care system of Beauty Hills is based on the principle of synergy. When it comes to caring for the skin, much more can be achieved with a well-coordinated team than by an individual player. That’s why at Beauty Hills, our care system consists of five steps, each of which performs a specific task and caters to a specific need. As a result, the products we create complement and strengthen the next stage, achieving the overall goal of creating beautiful skin.


All of our products contain the best that the natural world and science have to offer. New developments and discoveries of active ingredients are regularly achieved in order to deliver the best possible results for effective care of the skin.