Care for specific skin needs

Normal Skin

The term normal skin is used to refer to balanced skin types. It is smooth, uniform and not too greasy, nor too dry. It reacts very little to environmental influences. Moisturising products and ingredients such as vitamins and proteins provide the skin with gentle care. The Beauty Hills system helps maintain the perfect combination to protect skin in the long term and give it added strength and added vitality.

Dry Skin

The bulk of the population has dry skin. It is very delicate and fine pored, but often feels rough and brittle. Dry skin usually reacts to environmental influences. Due to the reduced sebum production, it requires special protection and help to retain moisture. System cosmetics can compensate for this moisture problem, helping penetrate deeply into the pores.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is defined by redness and irritation. The natural protective barrier is weakened by the skin and cannot easily ward off environmental influences. It reacts with unpleasant side effects. The signs of sensitive skin also indicate a lack of moisture. Hyaluron is, for example, an active substance that moisturises the skin and is at the same time well-tolerated by the body. The combination of individually products and system cosmetics help to strengthen the skin in the long term.

Oily Skin

The appearance of greasy skin is large-pored, glossy or even oily. The pores are usually visible. The reason for this is increased sebum production, which normally protects the skin and its surface. In this state, it forms a breeding ground for bacteria that can easily take hold and cause pimples and blackheads. The skin structure is solid and robust. Oily skin is more resistant to environmental influences and wrinkles. For the skin, Beauty Hills products can strengthen and soothe from within. Products with antibacterial ingredients such as silver and Aloe Vera are ideal for this skin condition.

Mature Skin

The appearance and demands of skin change over time. Lines, wrinkles and sagging are visible through the skin as the skin ages. The skin structure, elasticity, tensioning force and cell activity decrease slowly over time. Other factors can speed up the process. Therefore, the products used for skincare should be selected carefully. Active ingredients such as peptides or hyaluronic acid offer rich care and are particularly useful in replenishing the skin with what it needs the most.

Männliche Haut

Men's Skin

Men’s skin is about 15-20 percent thicker than female skin. It has more layers due to production of male hormone. The skin structure contains more collagen and thus has a firmer and more robust appearance. Therefore, products should always be matched carefully to male skin. Even if the ski is more resistant, it starts to show the appearance of ageing after the age of thirty. Anyone who performs proper skincare early enough can ensure long term health of the skin. Products that gently cleanse and soothe the skin are ideal, while moisturising agents can help keep the skin hydrated and smooth. A weekly peeling removes dead skin cells and provides a finer complexion.

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