Seasonal skin care by Beauty Hills

Spring – Spring Awakening with Beauty Hills

After the winter lull, the skin has to be brought back to the forefront of your beauty regime. Dry air, frosty temperatures and little movement in the air can cause the skin to look tired. Often, it is left dry and stressed, because sebum production is much higher in winter. In the spring, a gentle care system is applied, which provides the skin with a lot of added moisture. A facial scrub helps remove dead skin cells, while a facial mask provides the skin with an energy kick and essential vitamins.

Summer – Enjoy Radiant Completion through Summer

In the summer, the skin quickly becomes dry, chapped and scaly. Vitamin D of sunlight is welcome, but smog, pollutants and ozone can damage the skin. After sunbathing, the right skincare is particularly important. Here, systematic care is ideal as it provides the necessary care in several steps. The heart of summer care routines is built around moisture. For example, Aloe Vera soothes and moisturises the skin. A light cream can also help the skin regenerate at night.

Fall - Wind and Weather

The days are getting shorter, the summer tan is facing and with it, goes the radiant complexion. The skin often appears bleak in the autumn and is poorly maintained. Peels and masks can remove dead skin cells and leave the complexion clearer. Vitamins provide a good supply and the necessary freshness kicks in. Alternating temperatures can also cause the skin to dry out in fall. Now it is essential that serum with a high oil content is added to the skin. This optimally regulates individual fat and moisture content of the skin.

Winter – Replenish Relaxed Skin

In the darker months, the skin needs lipids, but their natural production decreases in winter. There is also a lack of moisture. In order to prevent dryness and feelings of itching, a hydrating care is recommended. As a matter of principle, more of the product is required in the winter, because metabolism is required in the cold months as the skin is supplied with less nutrients naturally. Products whose active ingredients build upon each other can help maintain the skin in winter. Our tip: use rich night creams at cold temperatures, even during the daytime.